Referral program

Dividends for SmartChain holders who store tokens on the platform or in its wallets. Both programs are applied to tokens designed for marketing.
Start earning money by joining us and we will be happy to share our company’s revenue with you! Become a member of our partner program and make money simply by telling your friends about our advantages. The program is available for those who invested in a project during the Pre-ICO stage.

The first program — One-level referral program.

15% of payments are made by those partners whom you have invited (second-level partners).

To participate in the SmartChain Referral Program, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to our website;
  • Get a unique referral link in your account;
  • Invite a friend via your referral link.
You can register, connect clients and collect rewards right now.

The second program — Bonus tokens.

We will give a special bonus of 20 % bonus tokens to holders who store tokens on the SmartChain platform.
The above condition will be fulfilled if tokens are stored there the whole year.
After the specified time limit, the holder will be granted the bonus tokens which can be either sold on the exchange or stored on the platform for some more time. In the latter case, it’s possible to participate in the bonus program again.